We are pleased to present our team of talented teachers, performers and all round amazing people who make this place so special. Each and every one of these people bring their own unique talents and skills to help create a place that is truly extraordinary.

Phil Humphreys

Mr Wonderphil

Bringing a wealth of knowledge to the team, Phil spreads good times with his unyielding puns, creative endeavours and high skill flow art techniques

Jaron Walker

Wandering performer, adventure seeker & life photographer

Hailing from Brisbane, Jaron is an adventurer seeker and good times hunter. In 2005 he was introduced to the world of the fire & flow arts. Performing with 'FireTricks Entertainment' since 2006 Jaron has mesmerised many audiences. Teaching and spreading the flow arts has been a big part of his life. Sharing skills over many years with workshops and lessons throughout QLD & NSW. His aim has been to share and grow the flow arts while connecting it with a wider audience.

Brendan Rodwell

Photon Performance and Props

Photon is a Brisbane, Australia based business dedicated to bringing high quality circus props to the community for competitive prices.

Kylie Wihardjo

Professional prop manipulator

Smilie loves coffee, dogs, and in particular, throwing things and catching them again. Smilie’s journey into the fire spinning and circus arts scene started in 2005, when she was handed her first fire staff. Since then, she has played with a variety of props, more recently focusing on poi and club juggling.

Abbii Allora

Kindled Spirits Entertainment

Fire & LED Circus Performer, Stilt Walker, Hula Hoop and Fire Fan Teacher

Chelsea Lomandra

Mixed Media Artist

Chelsea Lomandra is a Brisbane artist specialising in mixed media. She has been an exhibiting and demonstrating artist in Brisbane for over 10 years.  In 2017 Chelsea started facilitating regular art workshops for creatives of all skill levels. Her goal is to bring art back into peoples day to day lives in a fun and relaxed environment.

Bree Green

Breezy Hoops

Be Hoopy. Be Breezy. Be yourself and Hoop easy! A collection of circular thoughts, hula dreams and hoop related things! 

Bree a.k.a Breezy hoops is a Certified Hoop Love Coach.

Chelsea Beadman

Vocalist / Groover

Gifted with the talent of music from a young age Chelsea has rocked many stages with her amazing voice and raw talent. Bringing the much needed music connections to Sideshow this place just wouldn't be the same with out her. 

Adri Demattei

Bend & Flex Yoga

I'm Adri, a born Latin American and adopted Queenslander. Natural born traveller, art lover, amateur cook, adventure seeker, and an avid and constant learner. I've been working with fitness and studying the body for ten years now, teaching aerial arts, stretching and fitness classes. I started my yoga practice when I was in my late teens, and it has been absolutely transformative. 

Ben Hannagan

Wizard of Oz

Originally from Bellingen, NSW, where he could be found busking and fire spinning at local events and festivals, Ben made the move to Brisbane in 2004. During 2006 Ben started performing and running workshops with FireTricks Entertainment and was later involved in the running of a network of market stalls between the Sunshine Coast (QLD) and the mid-north coast (NSW) supplying fire and flow gear and promoting 'the arts' to the masses.

Olivier Maluco

Reverse Gravity Acrobatics

Originally from France, martial artist for 25 years, dedicated to capoeira for the last 15 years, Olivier, more often known as "Maluco" in the capoeira  and acrobatic world, is trained in acrobatics by Powerarts in Osaka/Japan since 2005. Living in Brisbane, Olivier has then spent his energy in mixing his acrobatic skills with capoeira and eventually started Reverse Gravity Acrobatics to bring together the people interested in acrobatics regardless of their background or limitations and offer a friendly and safe place to train together and push our boundaries while having fun together.