Reverse Gravity Acrobatics :: 7PM - 8:30PM Tuesday

Work core strength, flexibility and balance for beginners and intermediate levels, one step at a time, aiming at techniques and moves that falsely seem out of reach.

If you have always wanted to be able to do a backflip but never managed to find a place where you can learn how to do it in a fun and safe way, without the requirements that full-fledged gymnasts have to comply to, this is the place for you. We train to better our core strength and flexibility in order to perform acrobatic moves such as handstands, no hand cartwheels, back handspring, backsault etc.
This is the ideal training for capoeiristas who want to add acrobatic moves to complete their games or for anyone who wants to perform their dream move.
About the instructor:
Olivier “Maluco” Allart
25 years of martial arts, 15 years of capoeira, 12 years of acrobatics
Certified Level 6 from the Powerarts Academy in Osaka, Japan
I am a "graduado" (basic level instructor) level in Capoeira from the group Xango Capoeira - Brisbane. Between 2005 and 2008, I trained both capoeira and acrobatics at Power Arts in Osaka, Japan. I have been back to Japan many times to train there, acrobatics exclusively. This inspiring place is always busy with all sorts of practitioners of various physical art styles and the level of fun and technical skill is simply astonishing. The training I want to bring forward is for all these kinds of passionate people regardless of what their style is. They can benefit from it in many ways that they can then take back to use within their respective styles.
Casual drop-ins are welcome!
Try unlimited classes for 2 weeks for only $50. (New Members Only)
$20 casual class
$80 5 class pack
$90 unlimited classes 30 days
$75 unlimited monthly contract (3-month commitment)
We provide all equipment.
Register at The Sideshow 6:45pm for a 7:00pm start.
Payment can be made at the front counter.
Eftpos Available.
349 Montague Road, West End.
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